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Our Impact And Services Go Both Ways

Impetus Consulting Group delivers significant benefits to not-for-profit and charitable organizations using tailored management consulting methodologies. Our diverse client portfolio showcases our expertise in driving meaningful change. Our consultants gain invaluable sector experience, enhancing their professional growth. All services are pro bono, ensuring accessibility without financial burden to our partners.

How we help NFPs

Impetus Consulting Group provides comprehensive management consulting services in strategy, operations, and organizational development for non-profits and social enterprises. Our skilled student consultants, guided by industry professionals, deliver innovative solutions to enhance operational effectiveness and strategic direction. For details on our services, see below.

Our Services

How we help our students

Impetus Consulting Group provides students with the opportunity to engage in real-world consulting projects, enhancing their problem-solving skills and practical knowledge. This hands-on experience is complemented by mentorship from seasoned industry professionals, fostering significant professional and personal growth.

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