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Impetus Consulting Group provides comprehensive consulting services in strategy, operations, and organizational development for non-profits and social enterprises. Our skilled student consultants, guided by industry professionals, deliver innovative solutions to enhance operational effectiveness and strategic direction. For more details on our services, see below.



Specializing in identifying like-minded organizations for potential fund development and collaboration. Our services include strategic partnership identification and facilitation to enhance fundraising efforts and achieve mutual goals effectively. We empower NFPs to forge strategic alliances aligned with their values, driving collective impact and sustainable growth.



Our expert solutions help NFPs enter new markets effectively. With thorough analysis, strategic planning, and precise execution, we equip them to navigate regulations, seize opportunities, and forge partnerships while staying true to their mission. Drive sustainable growth and maximize social impact with our consultancy.



We offer expert analysis and strategic recommendations to enhance financial efficiency, effectiveness, and revenue diversification, ensuring NFPs can maximize resources to achieve their mission and objectives. Our consultancy aims to empower NFPs for long-term financial sustainability while advancing their impactful work in the community



We excel in crafting governance frameworks for streamlined hiring and elevated volunteer management for NFPs, aligning HR strategies with organizational objectives for enhanced efficiency and sustainability.



We focus on website design, brand visibility, and social media efficiency to enhance brand perception. Our services drive increased engagement and support by aligning strategies with organizational goals

Meet Our Semester 1 Clients


Batyr - is a mental health organization that aims to reduce the stigma around mental illness through peer-to-peer education programs delivered by young people who share their personal experiences.
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The Gig Workers' Hub

The Gig Workers' Hub - provides a dedicated space for delivery and ridesharing gig workers to connect, access resources, receive support, and enhance their skills through workshops and amenities such as free food, beverages, and charging facilities.
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Purple Card Project

The Purple Card Project - focuses on combating environmental damage through small-scale projects, collaborating with individuals, schools, businesses, and governments to promote sustainability initiatives such as repurposing waste and providing volunteer resources to thrift shops.
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Foodfilled inc.

Foodfilled Inc. - addresses food waste and hunger through a volunteer-centric model, rescuing surplus food to provide meals for those in need while fostering sustainability awareness and education, particularly among young people, to achieve a circular economy and combat food insecurity.

Past client projects


A strategic plan was created to guide Bukjeh's collaboration with partners for mutual benefit, funding, and artistic impact, resulting in stronger partnerships and increased resources.

Anika Legal

The project successfully established an alumni network for Anika Legal, enhancing past interns' communication and engagement by creating an effective network based on industry best practices.

The Difference Incubator (TDi)

Impetus revamped TDi's project management system, ditching Excel for efficient multi-client handling and a flexible work plan template that tracks progress across diverse contributions.


The project thoroughly understood student volunteers and explored various revenue streams for Goodie, leveraging interviews and research to inform strategies. Recommendations, particularly emphasizing university collaborations, were formulated to ensure Goodie's growth and sustainability.

Humanism Global

The project improved Humanism Global's website and digital marketing, optimizing purchasing, SEO, and accessibility while developing effective social media strategies to boost engagement and mission promotion.

Helping Hands

The project transitioned volunteers into paid roles across multiple stores through thorough research, policy formulation, and strategic planning. This initiative ensured program sustainability and facilitated organizational growth by creating pathways for volunteers to secure paid employment.


WIRE's Stage 1 project successfully implemented a CRM system within a $25,000 budget, emphasizing functionality and integration, informed by stakeholder surveys. Stage 2 focused on developing a sponsorship strategy and expanding training and social enterprise with a priority on sustainability and scalability.

CHASE (Community Health Advancement and Student Engagement)

The project successfully expanded CHASE's program variety for schools by customizing options and optimizing integration processes, ensuring sustainability and enriching offerings to foster community health and student involvement.


The project boosted revenue for Alepp Soap by analyzing expenses and implementing market strategies, ensuring financial sustainability while aiding asylum seekers and refugees.

Past Clients Testimonials 



“Impetus did a great job – they took the time to understand the brief plus what we were trying to solve and then came up with real-world solutions that can be applied and implemented within our organisation. The presentation skills were excellent and the students really took the time to ask the right kind of questions before brainstorming possible solutions.”
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“I found Impetus to be very insightful and sufficiently broken down, as they provided a large amount of knowledge yet explained it in understandable sections and comprehensive data. I would recommend this to other not-for-profit organisations as it was thorough and also personable. I feel comfortable approaching them for more information and advice in the future.”


“Team leads were proactive in their communication (sending us a summary after each meeting, getting in touch if they needed more information, and being clear about the next steps). The project team from Impetus were fantastic and we enjoyed working with them! We appreciated their hard work and insight immensely.”

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