Impetus envisions a network of empowered young people and organisations working effectively to create social impact. We aspire to be the impetus of social change by providing creative, fit-for-purpose, practical solutions to business problems experienced by social enterprises.

We engage the brightest studentminds in problem solving engagements that enhance the social impact in our communities.Impetus Consulting Group is a youth-led, not-for-profit organisation founded to help strengthenorganisations that deliver social outcomes. Impetus does this by providing socially consciousorganisations with quality and accessible management consulting services. The best and brighteststudent minds work on problem solving projects, backed up by an advisory board of experiencedmanagement consulting professionals.At the heart of our organisation are our shared values. These values drive our beliefs, attitudes andbehaviours and help us achieve our vision. Impetus is a non-government organisation that does notdiscriminate or tolerate discrimination based on religion, political view, age, sex or race.


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