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Impetus Consulting Group focuses on serving not-for-profit and charitable organisations. We apply time-tested, management consulting techniques combined with a keen awareness of the needs, challenges and constraints faced by our not-for-profit clients.

Our varied past client base is testament to our broad industry experience and expertise.

Our consulting services are provided on a pro-bono basis; there is no need to remunerate or compensate us. 

Project Timeline

Our consultants at Impetus adhere to a strict project timeline to ensure that tasks, goals and deadlines are kept on track.

Clients are thus able to see the project's development from start to finish.




Impetus can help your organisation formulate strategies to aid with marketing and brand identity, funding and partnerships, developing operational efficiency, and anything in between.

Image by Isaac Smith


Impetus can formulate and develop an implementation procedure that can help ensure your long-term organisation’s activities remain aligned with your mission, objective and strategic plan. This includes recruitment procedures, internal governance and policies, and employee and volunteer management systems and plans.

Financial Report
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We can assist in developing a plan of action to widen your organisation’s impact. This could be expanding operations to a new region, increasing your user and client base, or developing a new product to serve your audience.

Business Meeting


We can help conduct qualitative and quantitative research on niche areas to enable your organisation to achieve its strategic goals. This includes gathering and analysing data on your target market, investigating potential areas of product development, and researching digital platforms for your organisation.

While these are our most common project scopes, Impetus has extensive experience in many areas of consulting and can develop a project to suit your organisation’s needs.

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