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Business Challenge 

The client wished to gather interest-data from the target market with the aim of securing a ‘pilot-partner’ for the soft launch of their online platform.  


Solution and Approach 

Our team was pivotal in working with the client. We supported market research and collated both qualitative and quantitative data in regard to the business challenge.  

The solution facilitated the support of pitches to other potential partnerships to expose the need for their product. Furthermore, the data collected was able to identify pain points within their current platform that could be used for improvements.  


Business Benefit  

  1. A well-defined audience 

  2. A secured partnership for the launch 

  3. Opportunity for further growth of their organisation 

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Case Studies: About
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Since Impetus' inception in 2013, we have served and collaborated with over 40 NFP clients. Our clients have provided our consultants with valuable feedback and formed long term relationships with Impetus.


Business Challenge  

The client approached Impetus to assist them with their current business operations. They were looking to implement a sustainable sales system, increase their business presence through various marketing avenues and conduct research on building an inventory.  


Solution and Approach  

Our team took a holistic approach and focused their efforts into creating a brand-new business model. This approach ensured that each problem area could be confronted with a solution which would lay the foundation for the future of their organisation.  

The results from the product research led us to the final recommendation of utilising a “differentiation” market strategy, which ultimately became the base of the business model.  

All further marketing strategies were then based on this and were employed on various platforms.  


Business Benefit 

  1. A sustainable business model that can easily be implemented 

  2. Business now had a greater presence both physically and online 

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Case Studies: About
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