Our vision is to enable young people and not-for-profits to maximise social impact through collaboration.

Impetus is a pro bono consulting practice based in Melbourne, Australia, collaborating with not-for-profits, social enterprises, and other impact-focused organisations. Bringing together young people from a diverse range of backgrounds, Impetus delivers high quality, fit-for-purpose solutions validated by experienced consulting professionals from top tier global firms.

Our people are passionate about social outcomes and making an impact in the community. We want to see organisations become more effective at what they do, whether that's educating and inspiring the next generation of Australian leaders, or tackling extreme poverty on the other side of the globe.



We started with a simple idea


Impetus was founded by an ambitious group of university students, united in the belief that young people can create genuine and lasting change.
Since our establishment in 2012, we have delivered many practical and innovative solutions to our portfolio of clients. We provide development for the brightest minds as they come together to provide quality, and accessible management consulting services to socially conscious organisations.


Diversity is in our DNA


We believe that the most creative solutions come out of the most diverse teams. Our consultants are undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals from backgrounds ranging from marketing to engineering to international relations. They have worked in a wide range of organisations across the public, private, and community sectors and joined Impetus for the opportunity to apply their expertise to complex and meaningful challenges.

We'd love to partner with you


If making a difference is what your organisation is about, then we'd love to hear from you. We work pro bono — so all Impetus team members are volunteers.

Contact us for a chat, we'd love to discuss how we can help your organisation take your impact further!